About us

There once was a girl, who loved all the junk food,
baking cakes and cookies set just the right mood.
Fat she became and unhealthy she felt,
so she searched high and low for healthy sweets to stay svelte.
But try as she might, she never did find
any healthy alternatives of the terrestrial kind.
So up, up, up, up she went,
flying out into the galaxy, tired and spent.
Floating around, a new friend she did meet.
A little alien, so kind, and so sweet.
He gave her a treat that was healthy and yummy!
It wasn't just tasty it was good for her tummy.
Plant based , organic , no refined sugar, n ourishing , lactose and gluten free,
the best healthy sweets in the universe, you can't disagree.
So come one, come all, it doesn't hurt your diet.
Try it all, there's no way you keep quiet.
Yumm, yumm, yumm, yummy,
don't be a dummy.
Come to Etérea®, I swear it's not an imposter,
And always remember to live long and prosper.